Our Mission is clear. Help individuals reach maximum performance results, reduce the potential need for pain medications and greatly increase the quality of life for all of our customers. 


So many of our friends have asked us “Why Cryotherapy?”.  Very simple answer. My family has been in competitive martial arts for many years. We also played several other sports over the years.  The body takes a beating and you do not realize it until you start getting a little older.  We are Veterans and we know the toll that the military life can take on us physically and mentally.  Needless to say we have plenty of aches and pains.

A friend of mine told me about Cryo and I was very skeptical.  After trying a few sessions at a few centers across America we knew this really was working. Stress was going down, health was increasing for sure and all those little aches and pains were starting to lessen.  Even the migraine’s that I suffer from were becoming less frequent.   We looked at the over all market and realized that there was a major gap.  Truly building programs with other organizations to impact the lives of everyone that needs help.  

We have teamed up with a few organizations (Chiropractic, Massage, Reflexology, Sports Fitness etc) and we are building strong plans to help those that can really benefit from Cryo.  More and more studies are being released on the overall benefits of Cryotherapy every day!  Burn Calories, eeze pain, eeze stress, eeze nagging pain, eeze aging, eeze inflammation, eeze recovery time for sports.... There are to many healthy benefits to list them all here!!

Very Strong discounts for Veterans and First Responders!!!

We will be offering to your pets as well... hip dysplasia??? Give it a try!

We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!!